Forum Thread: 5 Secrets Top Etsy Sellers Do Not Want to Share

Etsy sellers are by default pretty secretive. Most of the items on the website are homemade by artists of different skill levels, which means you often are left to judge from a few pictures and customer reviews the quality of the item. As an etsy seller yourself, you will often be wondering how to best tell the story about your product. The best sellers have figured out the best secrets to drive sales, but now you can also use these steps to really improve your etsy success:

Step 1: Use Keyword Stuffing in Your Descriptions

Do not get caught up in the details of the item you are posting. Instead just use keywords that describe what you think people will search for. Etsy is very similar to google and will connect buyers based on what they type in the search bar. So if you have a painting of a lion for example, your description should start with "lion painting". Separate the keywords you think people will search for with commas to help etsy.

Step 2: Use Keywords in the Description of the Item

Much like keywords in the title, etsy will index the description of the item. So you will want to stuff your description full of keywords to really maximize etsy's coverage of the item. Much research has shown that etsy places less significance on the description of the item, but they still will crawl the entire description, so be sure to push as much content into this area as possible.

Step 3: Pay for Professional Photos (Lots of Them)

Paying for professional photos is a great way to really showcase the item that you want to sell. Etsy listing images are usually limited to about 1024x768, but you will definitely draw more clicks by having nice photos to look at. I know I personally was selling a used piece of furniture that I had recently repainted with furniture paint to give a more finished look. The pictures I took with my cell phone hardly told the story of how nice the piece was. I paid for professional photos a few weeks later as a last ditch effort and the change in interest was incredible. I sold the piece just 5 days later more than paying for the professional photos I had taken.

Step 4: Offer Coupons to Entice Customers to Come Back

Etsy offers the option to send customers coupons after their purchase with a discount. This is a great way to gain repeat business. I personally offer a 10% off coupon with every purchase and the response has been significant. The coupon works especially well if you are able to provide great customer service. If somebody likes your work and was served well by your shop, why would they not come back if they had a coupon. It is a great way to attract repeat business.

Step 5: Use Social Media to Get the Word Out

Social media can be used to post about anything on your shop and etsy makes it very easy to connect those platforms. If you have an account on pinterest or facebook, you can easily connect those and share your items to those platforms as soon as you post them to your shop. They also make great tools to connect to past customers and let them know you have something new listed. You would be surprised the number of repeat business I get just by letting people know that I have new items available. Many of my customers are repeat buyers who know that my shop is a great place to purchase items, so they come back whenever I tell them I have something new!

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