Forum Thread: Ebay vs Etsy?

I'm curious, what do you think some of the pros of selling on Etsy are, as opposed to eBay?

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4 Responses

The most important difference is Etsy has lower selling fee's and you can list items for a longer period of time.  Even though Etsy doesn't bring as many viewers to their site as Ebay, it feels more like a community which is why Etsy allows you to search sellers by location.  I find that it's very beneficial to the Etsy seller to have that option for their buyers.  It's important to support your local community and I think Etsy supports that view point more. I think of Etsy as the Art Gallery/Craftshow and Ebay as the Flea Market.

Ah, interesting. I had no idea you could search by region. That is a great. I'll have to look up my locals!

It does seem that eBay is way less personal... and I have a hunch there's probably more scamming/bad business transactions that go down when using eBay.

i think etsy is the best site because it apply to buyer and their rule are okay than ebay becaus eebay allows to deal outside ebay but etsy never allows that and keep rule that you must pay directly by their site.

Etsy is a bespoke ebay for higher end clients

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