News: Top 10 Alternative Marketplace to Etsy

Top 10 Alternative Marketplace to Etsy

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You may want to check-out and as good alternatives.

If you want something different try out, I registered on and seen some sharp increase in the traffice directed to my website.

Unlike easy and artfire they are not restricted to handmade, I get to promote to a bigger audience (all design buffs).

The best about storemate is, I get to help out my customers in real-time using their 'Talk-About' feature. Helping out with questions on custom options, shipping queries etc in realtime.

I even passed on exclusive discounts to them during these help-out sessions, which turned casual enquiries into quick sales and followers for me.

I have been Storemate's "Featured Designer" for 3 weeks, straight! ( My proud moment!) :D

It seems you forgot to mention, it allows people to buy/sell anything, with unique features. So far great experience with this site.

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